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Friday, 13 June 2014

Who Should Join SOPHIE PARIS??

SOPHIE PARIS is proud to be the 1st Fashion MLM company in Malaysia which provides more than 400 new products in each catalogue. By joining SOPHIE PARIS you will be part of 34 million people around the world who have chosen to work within the MLM industry. As SOPHIE PARIS Member you will enjoy the following benefits;

My Fashion
SOPHIE PARIS offers you new and French designed fashion tailored for you exclusively every two months. Thanks to 18 years of design expertise, SOPHIE PARIS is able to offer high quality, fashionable products at reasonable prices.

My Business
Joining SOPHIE PARIS incurs just a small registration fee RM15 lifetime (postage cost RM25-received Starter Kit,Membercard,Car Sticker,Latest Catalogue and more) and no financial risk on your part. You are then able to earn additional income, to establish and grow your own business, build a career and become financially independent. 

Sophie Solution
As a new Member you are able to love the SOPHIE PARIS products, meet new people, make new friends and develop new relationships, be rewarded and grow both personally and professionally. On top of that, there are exciting events, trainings and fashion shows and travel all over the world to take part in. SOPHIE PARIS can help your dreams come true.

Who Should Join SOPHIE PARIS??
Everyone who loves fashion or wants to start their own business.

Feel free to contact me for further details at;
SMS / WhatsApp : 016 289 1677
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