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Assalammualaikum wbt.. May peace be upon you :)

Arrogant People is Everywhere ??

Hi are you guys? I hope you feeling well and have a good day :)

I want to share something about Arrogant People. Do you know someone with that kind of attitude? They speak loud n used harsh word, foul language, talk badly and write bad things about someone.. they offend other people..oh no!! That's very bad ok.. 

What's wrong with you? Is that because you are a successful person? Most Beautiful/Handsome or you're famous person now?.. Opppss.. did I say wrong? Only they know the reason is. So sorry if I did wrong.. did I ? People change..change for good.

Don't let people down, don't break peoples heart anymore..repent, please !!
I hate them sometime but I do pray for them. May Allah swt open their hearts and guide them to the right path.

Orait, enough for today..thanks for your time, reading this entry.  
See you next time..if I still alive.   :)

Peace. Wassalam.


  1. cantik blog.. mmg lain dari yang dulu.. teringat plak lagu Tegar.. hehehe.. sue x sombong kan? kan? kan?

  2. +Shuhaida Subri you have a beautiful heart..

  3. Salam Jumaat dn salam kenal juga..terima kasih ya. +Mizz Aiza


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